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Support Typesense's open source work - a lightning-fast, open source search engine architected from the ground up for performance and ease of use.
đź‘‹ Hey there! I'm Arash, a passionate Software Developer who loves learning and crafting code and building cool things.đź’»By sponsoring me, you'll be supporting my journey to continue creating OS projects and contributing to the dev-communityđź’š
Support Sparrow Code's open source work. We help iOS developers close tasks easily.
Providing free programming ebooks and working towards a world where ebooks will be funded, distributed and maintained for the benefit of all!
Flarum is the next-generation forum software that makes online discussion fun. It's simple, fast, and free.
I´m a father, husband and hobby software engineer with a huge fable for any tech.
Support beeman’s open source work and live content.
Open source takes up a lot of my free time. Appreciate this and become a sponsor to get more features and professional support.
AnyCable brings true performance, scalability, and low resource consumption to Ruby and Rails real-time applications by moving low-level WebSockets handling from Ruby to Go, but leaving all the code business logic in your app.
Passionate developer focused on TypeScript (React) and Java (Spring). Please check out my open source repos and contributions to other open source projects
Chickensoft is building open source tools for Godot and C# game development. If you'd like to support our work, feel free to sponsor us!
I'm a C# developer & content creator. I created RiptideNetworking, a library that makes building multiplayer games easier.
UseTheSource hosts the Rascal metaprogramming language, and its front-ends for Java and C/C++ analysis and transformation and more reusable libraries. These OSS projects are applied in industry, education & research for DSLs and reverse engineering.
There's not much I find more fulfilling than helping solve someone's problem, or having a positive impact on a persons day to day. If I can do that, *and* pay my bills? Whoah, that's the dream!
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